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2025 Season Tryout Dates




Field @ Hintz

 U14-14 as of April 30, 2025
 Monday, July 29 @ 6:00pm Beaumont

U13-13 as of April 30, 2025

Sunday, July 21 @  6:30pm


U12-12 as of April 30, 2025

Saturday, August 10th @ 10:00am


U11-11 as of April 30, 2025

Sunday, August 11th @ 6:30pm


U10-10 as of April 30, 2025

Saturday, August 10th @ 1:00pm


U9-9 as of April 30, 2025

Thursday, August 1st @ 5:30pm


U8-8 as of April 30, 2025

Wednesday, July 31st @ 5:30pm




Link Below to Register for Tryout

Burlington Titans 2024 Tournament Schedule


Burlington Titans Tournament Teams

Titans Teams are to be weekend tournament teams that will provide an opportunity for kids in our program to play more games at a higher and more competitive level. This is an additional opportunity offered through the Burlington Little League and not a separate entity.  It is to be governed by a subcommittee of the Burlington Little League Board. It will be co-sponsored by Burlington Little League but all of the program's expenses will be funded by separate player costs.

Team Set up
1. There will be one team for each age group, U8-U14, depending on interest level. An age group may have more than one team, depending on level of interest, pending manager and Little League Board approval. Each team will consist of approximately 11-12 players. There will be an open tryout each fall and/or winter for these teams.

2. They must be part of our LL program by playing on one of our other in-house teams. They can be out of our LL area but they must be waived in and play on one of our local league teams.

3. Teams will consist of U8, U9, U10, U11, U12 , U13, and U14 depending on interest level.

4. Kids are eligible for a team based on age and grade they are in.
See below:
U14-14 as of April 30, or 8th grade
U13-13 as of April 30, or 7th grade
U12-12 as of April 30, or 6th grade
U11-11 as of April 30, or 5th grade
U10-10 as of April 30, or 4th grad
U9-9 as of April 30, or 3rd grade
U8-8 as of April 30, or 2nd grade
If a player is eligible and desires to try-out to play up with their grade level, they should notify the coach for that level.

   5. Coaches will be selected by the Manager, voted on and approved by the Little League Board assuming they pass all background checks, etc.

   6. U8-U14, 4-6 tournaments per age group. Tournaments should be scheduled between April 1st and concluded before August 5th.   Tournaments will be scheduled through our committee. Coaches will not be allowed to schedule or change any tournament dates without approval of Titan Committee Chairman. Coaches looking to schedule tournaments outside of the approved date range, will need to collaborate with the Committee Chairman.

Titan team program comes second to Burlington Little League. Never should games, tournaments, or practices be scheduled during Burlington LL games that could cause a conflict.  Coaches should note when signing up for tournaments that Friday night play is not available for their team if games are scheduled.  

These teams are to be highly competitive teams that will allow these kids a chance to learn and compete at a higher level. However, all kids may not get equal playing time, but they should all get fair playing time. It’s great to win, but at this level it is more important for them to develop better baseball and life skills. If they are good enough to make the team, they are good enough to play in every game.

Player pitching should be openly communicated between Titans Manager and BLL Team Manager.

For further questions regarding the Titan Program, please contact:

Amanda Schenk                                                                         Katlyn Pella
(262)492-3500                                                                           (262)210-8162
[email protected]                                                              [email protected]     



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